Our company was founded in 1998 and has been engaged in the processing and manufacturing of chemical machinery since its establishment. In 2006, our company was transformed into a limited liability company.

Our company's main products include: stainless steel, carbon steel non-standard pressure vessels, atmospheric pressure vessels; Extraction, evaporation, concentration and drying equipment; Steel lined fluoroplastic series.



AdvantagesOur Advantages

  • Diverse Product Categories

    It is divided into different equipment such as pressure vessels, heat exchangers, fermentation tanks, reaction kettles, etc

  • Stable And Durable

    The product has excellent chemical stability, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and excellent mechanical structure

  • Health And Environmental Protection

    Extensive use of industrial engineering computer-aided design and process simulation systems to optimize the effectiveness of the entire production process

  • Support Customization

    Customers can provide samples, drawings, sizes, shapes, and other customized designs according to user requirements

  • Complete Facilities

    There are 16 lifting equipment for manufacturing, which can lift 32 tons. 5 rolling machines, with a rolling thickness of up to 30mm

  • Considerable Strength

    The factory covers an area of 11000 square meters, with fixed assets of 50 million yuan, working capital of 20 million yuan, and an annual output value of approximately 120 million yuan

  • Complete Documents

    Holding D1 and D2 pressure vessel design licenses, A2 manufacturing licenses, and pressure pipeline manufacturing licenses

  • Company Quality Policy

    Sincerity and trustworthiness, precision and excellence, seeking truth and pragmatism, and harmonious development

parterCooperative clients (partial)

One word, nine tripods, brave in innovation, honest and pragmatic, harmonious and win-win situation


One word, nine tripods, brave in innovation, honest and pragmatic, harmonious and win-win situation

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